By 2035, NTT Institute of International Education (NIIE) shall be one of the leading destinations for international education, meeting regional and international standards.


NIIE aims to offer students promising opportunities to experience an education of international quality right in Vietnam, to obtain degrees that are recognized worldwide, and be prepared with key competencies to succeed in the globally competitive workforce.


Solidarity (a collective unity for the common goals);

Integration (meeting national, regional, and global standards);

Proactiveness (in learning, researching and working);

Wisdom (with bright mind for problem solving);

Responsibility (for self, family, community, society, and the world)


Global Learning, Global Success

NIIE is committed to providing students with an international standard-based learning environment,  implementing the best teaching practices through advanced curricula under the guidance of dedicated lecturers. This learning experience will prepare students with key competencies for global success.