Administrative staff: Working at NIIE is a team of friendly and helpful professionals. Believing NIIE vision and mission, NIIE staff always listen and make the best conditions for students. All of them are English speaking, have been trained or worked internationally.

Teaching staff:

The teaching staff of NIIE include:

  • The teaching staff from Nguyen Tat Thanh University (founding university of NIIE): with more than 1600 visiting and full-time teaching staff, Nguyen Tat Thanh University send its best lecturers and professors for teaching at NIIE.
  • Full time teaching staff of NIIE: with a strict selection process, NIIE ensure that all its full time staff are highly qualified for teaching. All of them have postgraduate qualification, fluently in English, many years of teaching or industry.
  • The teaching staff of NIIE institution partners: in the framework of cooperation between NIIE and its partners, the teaching staff from overseas partners frequently visit NIIE for teaching and quality assurance.
  • Visiting teaching staff: we also invite people with extensive industry experience to teach at NIIE, who could their experience and give students a diversified view on life and learning.