The increasing economic cooperation and cultural exchange between Vietnam and Korea in recent years have brought many Koreans over. There is an increasing demand among the Koreans for learning Vietnamese in order to succeed in both their career and life here.

On Monday September 19th, NTTU was honored to welcome students and faculty members from Kyungsung University to participate in the student exchange program. The program is designed by NTTU allowing Korean students to learn Vietnamese in the same way they learned their native language, with an intuitive and immersive method. As a result, the students will gain knowledge and experience naturally and confidently in an energetic and creative environment. Moreover, the aim of the program is to provide them with a more complete picture of Vietnam through three aspects: Vietnam’s culture, economy and nature. After that, all students can start an internship at various Korean companies in Vietnam.

Although three months is not a long time, but it will be enough for them to learn Vietnamese, make friends with world-known friendly Vietnamese people and explore the country’s beautiful landscape, unique culture as well as its mysterious history.