As an institute of International education, we strive to prepare the most for our students before they hit the real world. Therefore, on the 13 th of April, our students, who are attending the NIIE elementary English class, had an outdoor activity at 23/9 park, where they work together as a group to interact with the International travelers (native speakers) as a part of their course.

Students are prepared with a list of questions, which they can use for the interview with the native speakers that they meet at the 23/9 park. As their topic is about the Vietnamese food, therefore after performing the interview, students can learn more about the Vietnamese dishes in English, how the foreigners think of Vietnam’s food and what they like or dislike most about it.

At NIIE we often create this fun and unique activities for our curriculum, where our students can have fun while learning English and having new experiences. We hope that it will help our students to be ready for what may come in their future.

Some photos of the field trip: