What is corporate social responsibility? It is the way it helps to create a sustainable environment outside of the business. The plan of action should improve the lives of the local people and the area where they live. At NIIE, we recognize that the corporate social responsibility is extremely important for our long-term success. We combine the principles of sustainability into our operations. There are two core elements in our plan of action.

Community Activities

  • Full and partial scholarships granted to excellent and disadvantaged students in various cities and provinces of Vietnam.
  • Encouragement and Support to students of NIIE to participate in charitable projects such as: bringing “Tết sẻ chia – Tết yêu thương” to disadvantaged children and orphans in Tam Binh and Thien Duyen Orphanages; “Family Community care” –  helping low-income families in Dong Thap and Tien Giang provinces; running a fundraising auction for Tam Duc Orphanage  (Linh Son pagoda); teaching English and and other skills to  abandoned children; raising funds and donations to help flood victims and other activities.
  • Joining enthusiastically blood donation campaigns
  • Joining “Mùa hè xanh” campaign to help people in remote areas.
  • Taking part in the annual Terry Fox Run charity event to raise money for cancer research

Environmental Activities

  • Participating in “Earth Hour” by turning off lights globally as a way of further raising awareness of the need to halt global warming and protect the environment
  • Organizing a campus clean-up by staff and students to maintain the natural environment of NIIE campus and keep the campus clean.
  • Reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, using raw materials more efficiently and preventing pollution.