Meeting the needs of accommodations

We currently offer 5,400 accommodations for students with 4 campuses, including: Nguyen Tat Thanh Campus (District 4), Hoang Dieu campus (District 4) and Phan Huy Ich campus (Go Vap District)

Favorable location 

All  dormitories are located in the city area. Dormitories are close to Ben Thanh bus station, large park and the HCMC Youth Cultural House.Therefore it is very convenient for students traveling between districts, the needs for external learning and participating in youth activities, or working part-time.


NIIE has provided health department  inside of the campus dorm along with cafeteria system, ensuring food safety, and serving the best for learning and activities of students. The dormitory is managed and supervised by Dormitory Board of Directors.In addition, the dorminitory is also carefully equipped with security camera system and anti-theft door to avoid intrusion of strangers.

The opportunity to experience & mature

Dorm life is an integral part to having the complete college experience.It teaches you how to be on your own and be responsible for yourself as well as develop a more independent lifestyle in the community. Moreover, when living in a dorm, you get out of your comfort zone and are able to meet different people who you have a lot in common it. It is easier to form friendships and connect with the students on campus. You will never be this age again and have the convenience and fun – that a dorm provides.