1. High school graduate certificate
  2. Using one of 5 results below to apply to NIIE:
  • National High School Graduation Examination 2021 result
  • Year 12 high school examination result ( one of 3 results)

+ The grade 12 entrance exam composite score is at least 18.

+ The total score of 1 semester of grade 10, 1 semester of grade 11 and semester 1 of grade 12 is 18 or above. (you can choose the highest semester in each year).

+ The average score of grade 12 reach 6,0 or above

  • Test results of the capacity assessment of Ho Chi Minh City National University 2021
  • Admission of foreign candidates who are qualified to study or by election form.
  • Candidates winning the exams: National Excellent Student, National Science and Technology, Asean and International Skills Competition.

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