Classrooms: The classrooms are designed according to international standards, to suit each subjects, courses (each room contains no more than 25 students) and large auditoriums (with capacity of over 100 students) in order to meet the requirements for teaching and learning. All classrooms are equipped with air conditioning, sound system, projectors and interactive smart board catering to the learning activities of students.

Free wifi system: Students can use the free internet wifi covering the whole school.


The lab system: The lab system is equipped with modern and the most specialized software serving the teaching and learning activities of students and lecturers.

Library: Library NIIE provides rich and diversified resources to support the learning process, teaching and research of the lecturers and students:

  • Traditional document:Our library has over 25,000 books including reference books, specialized, essays, scientific research subject at all levels, newspapers, foreign magazines and DVD
  • Electronic Resources: Library has been continually invested with prestigious online database worldwide such as: ProQuest Central, Springer Open, Science Direct, Emerald, Elsevier…