Recently, Logistics and Supply Chain Management has attracted lot of attention as an interdisciplinary profession that serves the development and management of transportation service from business and manufacturing.
Pursuing a career in Logistics, students will be provided with solid foundations in the field of supply and logistics, including planning, process monitoring, distributing and controlling goods flow and supply chain management. Students are not only equipped with professional knowledge but also enhanced English proficiency, effective working skills, negotiation skills, critical thinking through practical exercises, business simulation projects and field trips.

Qualification: Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management issued by Nguyen Tat Thanh University

Duration: 3,5 years

Mode: Full-time

Students must hold the below for admission to International bachelor degree at NIIE:

  1. High school graduate certificate
  2. Using one of 3 results below to apply to NIIE:
  • National High School Graduation Examination 2021 result
  • Year 12 high school examination result ( one of 3 results)

+ The grade 12 entrance exam composite score is at least 18.

+ The total score of 1 semester of grade 10, 1 semester of grade 11 and semester 1 of grade 12 is 18 or above. (you can choose the highest semester in each year).

+ The average score of grade 12 reach 6,0 or above

  • Test results of the capacity assessment of Ho Chi Minh City National University 2021.

Specialized subjects:

Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain  Management
Business and the Business Environment
Operations Management
Business Law
Purchasing and Supply Management
Transportation Management
Marketing Essentials
Financial Management
Warehouse Management and Inventory Control
Organizational Behavior
International Bussiness
Distribution Channel Management
Human Resource Management
International Logistics
Logistics Information System
Import and Export Rules and Documents
Strategic Management
Work-based Experience & Internship

English levels:

Nep 1 – Elementary level
Nep 2 – Pre-Intermediate level
Nep 3 – Pre – Intermediate level
Nep 4 – Intermediate level
Nep 5 – Intermediate level
Nep 6 – Upper – Intermediate level

All graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge to meet the diverse needs of the global economy, confidently take responsibility for the following positions:

  • Warehouse operator
  • Transportation operator
  • Export/ Import operator
  • Operation planner
  • Logistics analyzer
  • Supply chain/Purchasing executive
  • Supply chain analyzer